Main Objectives

The Economics Circle has the following main goals and objectives

Providing technical assistance and guidance to students studying in economics and other related fields during their studies, supporting them in their transition to work and encouraging them to actively participate in diverse socio-cultural-economic activities with a view to enhancing their professional skills and capabilities;
Taking initiatives to pave the way for developing new instruments and mechanisms to evaluate economic policies, provide new and alternative solutions and propose policy recommendations for policy makers and other decision makers;
Contributing to economic productivity and competitiveness through establishing effective communication channels between the representatives of private sector and bureaucrats and policy makers;
Organizing joint activities with international institutions working in similar fields;
Closely monitoring the national and international economic developments with a view to understanding the critical development challenges and accordingly proposing alternative and more effective economic policies and communicating them with wider audience for further deliberation;
Devising new policy tools and recommendations for the economic problems faced in developing economies and initiating activities to facilitate implementation of these policies through developing multilateral cooperation;
Identifying the potential cooperation areas between universities / research centres and policy makers and supporting their collaboration;
Providing consultancy services to public and private sector representatives upon request;
Endeavouring towards improving the line of communication between private sector and universities / research centres with a view to strengthening their collaboration in conducting joint economic and technical research.

Economics Circle


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