Areas of Activities and Cooperation

Areas of activities to reach the goals and objectives of the Circle are designed under three categories. These are:​

Education and consultancy

Technical cooperation and coordination

Analytical and scientific studies

Main beneficiaries of services provided in this area are mainly students, young academicians, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs, but policy makers and private sector representatives are also expected to benefit directly or indirectly from the activities. In this context, the following actions are planned to be implemented in this category.

  • Assisting students in their efforts to specialize in their fields as well as in their career planning;
  • Facilitating learning through extra tuition and courses for students;
  • Encouraging activities towards skills development for students and young academicians at universities in different cities in line with the goals and objectives of the ECA and bringing them together in annual meetings of the ECA;
  • Organizing short-term certification programs for students, young academicians, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs
  • Establishing a library for students and researchers studying in economics and other relevant fields;
  • Providing scholarships and internship opportunities for talented students;
  • Organizing international career days;
  • Providing technical assistance for students preparing for international exams and aiming for studying abroad;
  • Supporting foreign students studying in Turkey;
  • Providing consultancy services to public and private institutions and establishing partnership in relevant fields;

The main partners for the activities to be undertaken in this category are national and international research centres, universities, public and private institutions and their representatives. In this context, the actions are planned to be implemented within the framework provided below.

  • Conducting joint activities with international research centres on the relevant fields;
  • Joint seminars and conferences;
  • Joint research and reports;
  • Other social programs;
  • Conducting joint activities with relevant public institutions;
  • Establishing linkages with relevant public entities in order to be able to share technical views on different economic issues and facilitating their meeting with students and relevant private sector representatives;
  • Organizing special visits to these institutions to introduce them to students and fresh graduates;
  • Actively participating in various relevant projects of public institutions;
  • Providing technical assistance and preparing reports upon request;
  • Conducting joint activities with private sector;
  • Bringing the major challenges and problems of private sector to the agenda of the public officials and academicians in order to contribute to the solution of these problems;
  • Providing consultancy services upon request;
  • Organizing internship programs in order to facilitate the matching of skilled labour force (comprising Turkish and foreign students) needed by the private sector.

The aims of analytical and scientific studies are to influence the economic policies through scientific views and policy recommendations derived from these studies. In this context, the following actions are planned to be implemented in this category.

  • Assessing the current economic policies in collaboration with academic institutions and offering alternative policy recommendation if needed.
  • Preparation of scientific and technical research and reports;
  • Preparing regular assessment reports on current national and international economic policies;

Economics Circle


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